Portable base services library for C. Portbase is tested on all machines I have access to. Currently, this list includes all of the machines on the sourceforge.net compile farm, as well as my own Windows 2000 and OpenBSD machines. Expect portbase to compile without warnings on these platforms, and the test suite to run without errors (see the Portability Notes for exceptions to this.)

Feature list (in no particular order):

Tested platforms:

x86 Windows 2000 (SP4 using Visual C++ 6.0)
x86 Windows 2000 (SP4 using MSYS/MinGW)
x86 Linux 2.4 (Debian 2.2)
x86 Linux 2.4 (Redhat 9.0)
x86 OpenBSD (3.4)
FreeBSD (4.8)
NetBSD (1.6.1)
AMD64 Linux 2.4 (SuSE 8 ES on AMD64 Opteron)
Alpha Linux 2.2 (Debian 3.0)
PPC - G4 MacOS X 10.1 SERVER Edition 1,2
PPC - G4 MacOS X 10.2 SERVER Edition 1,2
Sparc - R220 Sun Solaris (9)

Portability Notes:
1) On Mac OS/X, pthread_cancel() isn't implemented for asynchronous calls, so pbThreadDestroy() won't work. Apple may have fixed that by the time you read this, though.
2) On Mac OS/X, the UDP clients sometimes fail to open the UDP port. Any insights as to why this happens are welcome.

Download portbase from the Sourceforge project page


Johan Lindh <johan .at. linkdata .dot. se>


portbase embeds parts of libtommath to do it's calculations for the SRP-6 key exchange protocol.

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